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SSL Secured

You can shop safe and secure.Our website is secured by means of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). From the moment you enter our order process, the website automatically converts to a secure environment. In addition, you will be redirected to secure payment pages. You will never have to fill in sensitive payment information on our website.

Our secure payment method

We offer the following payment methods:

mastercard_2.pngvisa_2.png  americanexpress_1.png    CreditCard (Mastercard/ Visa/ American Express/ Carte Bancaire)

When you choose to pay with Credit Card, you will be directly put through to the secured payment page of Multisafepay. Here, you can fill in your Credit Card number, the safety code and the expiry date. Within only a few mouse clicks, your order will have been completed. This means that your Credit Card data aren't accessible to TopVintage. Also, your data won't be saved on our website.

Regarding the safety of Credit Card payments
Since 2010, Visa uses 3-D Secure technology. Visa has introduced her 3-D Secure programme unter the name 'Verfied by Visa'. This programme makes online paying a lot safer. All payments that are made through the Visa 3-D Secure programme are guaranteed by Visa.

What does 3-D Secure mean?
While placing an order, 3-D Secure constitutes an extra step, which guarantees our safety and the safety of our customers. You are protected against the abuse of your credit card number, because before the payment is made, the identity of the card holder will be checked first. This check will take place between the credit card company and the credit card holder. Depending on the company/bank, this can be a password, a digital code or an ‘one time pass’ code. This code will be checked directly by your bank. In case of any doubt, Multisafepay won't validate the payment. In that case, we will have to contact you for more information, everything in view of your and our safety.


You can pay in a fast and secure way with PayPal. This is a free online payment service with which you can pay for your orders at online stores, both in your own country and abroad. It's a very safe way to pay. This way, you don't have to provide us with your personal data. With more than 71 million users, PayPal is the worldwide market leader in the field of online payment transactions. PayPal gives every consumer the possibility to quickly and easily open a free account. Thanks to the best possible technologies and high safety standards, PayPal keeps all of your data secure and private. As a PayPal user, you have the possibility to transfer a desired amount to your own PayPal account. This amount can be transferred from your bank account to your PayPal account. This gives you the opportunity to make a payment from this account to us or one of the many other PayPal partners worldwide. Also, you can become a PayPal member easily and for free. By the way, you can also pay with your credit card without registering at PayPal.

How does PayPal work?
While opening a PayPal account, you can enter the data of your bank account or Credit Card.
Your bank account or Credit Card will be linked to your PayPal account. With every new payment via PayPal, you won't have to enter these data anymore. After you have confirmed a payment, PayPal wil automatically deduct the amount from your account or from your Credit Card. This service is completely free for you as a PayPal user and at any moment, you have the possibility, if necessary,to deposit the money quickly and easily back to your own bank account.